The most important part of starting a website is discovering you as a client! We'd like to get to know you, your business, and your website needs. I will provide a project brief to kick off the process. Once we understand the scope of the project, you'll send a proposal for your new website.



Agency901 has a very competive timeline for completing websites! But, for our team to be successful in meeting deadlines, it's critical that you deliver your assets upfront! For a an in depth explanation of what is required, download our Deliverables Guide.



A sitemap provides the foundation for any well-designed website. It helps give our designer a clear idea of how many pages the website will have and the relationships between the various pages.

Chosing A Template


When picking a template, the designer considers the website’s purpose, content, and functionality. We narrow it down to 3 beautiful options - you will then choose their favorite. The word "Template" can turn some people off, because it suggest a product that isn't unique. Don't worry, templates can be tailored into a solution that fits you personally.

Low-Fidelity Wireframe


Got questions yet? "Low-fidelity Wirefram" is a five dollar phrase that basically means a sketch of your website. It's a visual layout of what goes where on each page. Pen and paper is essential. Its more effecient to simply re-sketch the layout if something is right, rather than restructuring your website after the heavy lifting begins.

High-Fidelity Wireframe


In this phase, I take your low-fidelity wireframe sketch and make a digital version in Squarespace. This is a big milestone! The real design finally begins! Content is placed into your approved layout, but remember, we're still concerned about the overall structure, it might not look pretty yet. Once you have given final approval of the High-Fidelity wireframe, we'll begin styling.



Things are about to get fun! This is where I beging adding the finishing touches and make the website aesthetically pleasing. All styling will adhere to your brand’s guidelines. You won't believe the transformation that happens in this phase. Using the right colors, fonts, imagery, and custom graphics will make your site come to life!

SEO Checklist


At this point, your site’s style has been approved. I complete a checklist that ensures that the back end of your website is in proper order. This includes optimizing page titles, page descriptions, slugs, H1 tags, interlinking copy, etc. Please refer to our SEO Checklist for more details about this phase.

Soft Launch


Before the big launch of your new website, we will do a “soft launch” by taking a temporary cover page page live. This ensure we hit the final deadline by clearing up any issues with hosting. It also allows me to do one last round of quality control. I know the anticipation is high, but I reccomend a window of 72 hours between soft lauch and the final launch.

Final Launch


Congrats! It's done. Once you sign off on the site, we’ll take the website live. It’s possible, on rare occasions, that some very minor and unexpected kinks may need to be worked out. Just remember that web design is a fluid, ongoing process that requires constant maintenance. I can either train you to do it yourself, or we can talke about a maintenace retainer.