Video Production

You know what they say about the mother of all invention, and in our experience, the best inventions are typically created by solving a problem. A few years back, our problem was simple: we were using freelancers to produce very mediocre TV spots for our clients. Timelines were missed, the creative process did not exist, and the end product was sub-par. So, we did what any other frustrated entrepreneurs with a vision would do: We created a production company. But we took a different approach.

Over the past ten years, the world of production has changed and the playing field has been leveled. Why? Technology. So, our agency hired aspiring filmmakers. We bought good (but not insanely expensive) equipment. We took a filmmaker's approach to producing television spots... and it worked. Holy crap, did it work. You see, the years of needing a $50,000 camera to produce "broadcast quality" production are over. We buy great cameras that do the job. We invest in people who have been shooting and editing videos since 7th grade. We obsess over the creative process. We care. And hopefully, it shows. We'll let you be the judge.

A couple of our favorite videos


Video content is king