Spot Production


Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I film a commercial if I don’t have a big budget?

Nowadays, you can film almost anything on almost any budget. You don’t need a huge film crew to get a professional-looking end product. All it takes is a couple of highly skilled folks with decent equipment. Like us.

+ Why do you only have two dudes and backpack?

It might look kinda weird, we realize. But, professional video equipment is smaller and more accessible than ever. We don’t concern ourselves with parading large, impressive-looking gear around our shoots because we know that we can get the job done quicker and more efficiently without it. We believe in a mobile and agile production workflow. We don’t need a team of a dozen people to do what we can accomplish with two bearded guys from our team. We also don’t need a 50 pound camera rig to do what we can accomplish with a lightweight cinema DSLR. A good carpenter doesn’t blame his tools.

+ How should I act on camera?

We get this question a lot while we’re filming out in the field. The most important thing our guys constantly tell clients we film is to try and pretend that we’re not even there. Come across naturally. Don’t force your personality; just be yourself. Viewers know immediately when you’re forcing a personality that isn’t genuine.

+ What should I wear on camera?

The most important thing is to try to avoid is a totally white shirt or a shirt with very small patterns. White shirts often times are far too bright and get washed out when coloring footage. Small patterns on shirts create strange patterns on-screen when the person moves. The small variations in color can oftentimes throw off pixels, which you don’t want.

+ How long does it take to complete a video project?

That’s kind of like asking, “How long will it take to run?” Well, how far are we running? How fast are we running? There’s just not enough information there to answer the question properly. Not all video projects are the same. A simple interview can be completed fairly quickly, while a video with lots of cuts, heavy animation, or stylistic effects will take much, much longer. We include video production in our digital retainer, and we’ve never lost a client due to missed video deadlines.

McCabe Reynolds