Social Ads


Frequently Asked Questions

+ Does Facebook advertising really work?

Well, here’s a fun little anecdote. One of our employees was driving in the car with her mother a short time ago, and the mom started complaining about all of the ads she constantly sees on Facebook. She said to our employee, “I just want to get on there and see pictures of people’s pets and know what my friends are doing, but now there’s too many ads!” Fifteen minutes later, she said, “I saw this ad for a restaurant you’ve never mentioned right down the street, and it sounded really good!” That’s all we have to say about that.

+ What are the most important metrics for my campaign?

Reach and frequency. You will want to make sure you are getting your ad in front of as many different sets of eyes as possible (referred to as reach), but making sure your target audience is seeing it often enough to have high recall is equally important. However, you don’t want to advertise so often that they become annoyed with your business, causing a negative association with your brand.

+ Where can my ads be placed on Facebook?

You’ve probably noticed ads in your own Facebook Newsfeed or in the right-hand corner of your desktop, but you can also run ads across Facebook during videos, in third-party articles, and across Instagram - on both mobile and desktop.

+ How can I reach my current customers with Facebook ads?

Facebook’s custom audiences help you find your existing customers and contacts on Facebook that have visited your store or website, or also from those who have used your mobile app. Connecting with people on Facebook who you are already connected with in some capacity can help you foster relationships and drive sales.

+ Should my business try each social media platform out there?

Again, quality over quantity. It is always best to use the platforms that have the best chance for success with your particular target audience. It’s good for your business to be everywhere that is contributing to that success, but only if it’s the right fit. So, find out which platforms your potential and existing customers are using, and use those!

McCabe Reynolds