Reputation Management


Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do online reviews affect my reputation?

A large majority of people check out a company’s reviews before making purchasing decisions, so bad reviews can turn away potential customers. However, having a reputation management team responding to these reviews in a timely and professional manner can help outsiders see that you make a point to improve satisfaction and make every experience and interaction with your business a positive one.

+ How do you fix a damaged reputation?

The best approach is to create targeted, effective, and well-formulated content, including blog posts, images, and video, that present your brand in a positive, relatable, and approachable way. It’s also important to have a strategy to respond to critical comments instead of justvtrying to remove them.

+ How will you let me know what people are saying?

Our team makes sure to keep you in the loop about your online reputation. Every review, both the good and the bad, goes through our reputation management team to our account executives and then to you. Occasionally, there are those sensitive reviews that can only be resolved with input from you. We never want to promise a customer something that hasn’t been approved by you first!

+ What is your process for handling a negative review?

Bribe them with free popsicles! (Kidding, of course.) Our first priority is getting the discussion away from a public forum and into a private messaging situation. From there, we can determine how to alleviate the problem in a way that works out best for you and the customer. Every situation is different, and we treat each review as its own issue to solve, rather than giving out a cookie-cutter response that doesn’t fix anything.

+ Do you handle both the good and the bad?

Of course! Engaging with customers that leave good reviews encourages future reviewers and shows that you genuinely care that they had a good experience. Everyone loves to know that they are appreciated. If they took the time to tell the world how awesome you are, we want to make sure they know that you think they’re pretty awesome, too.

McCabe Reynolds