Not Your "Typical" Agency

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I recently met with a prospective client who point blank said, “I don’t like agencies; they just take your money.” That’s always a good way to start a meeting and try to build a relationship, right? I asked myself, “How am I going to convince him that our agency isn’t like the others?” This was quickly followed by questioning myself with “What has he experienced for him to believe this?”

After the initial shock of his statement wore off, I knew exactly why he felt this way.

Your “typical” (let's use this term lightly) agency takes pride in company culture and conforming to the millennial office. We will call this typical agency by the name of Agency Swag, including its quarterly work conferences and trips, elaborate office space, matching company office supplies, etc. Now, don’t get me wrong - all of those things are nice to have, especially when it comes to getting your name out there. For some agencies, having these options tend to bring in amazing talent simply because they want a “cool” job. But at the end of the day, these things cost money. When you spend money, you have to compensate by charging an extreme amount for your services.

Next, let me introduce to you Agency Elaborate. This agency is hired for their amazing traditional spots. When they arrive to their scheduled shoot, they have around 8 to 10 people with excessively expensive camera equipment and lights. It’s like you are going to be on a movie! But wait…you start taking mental notes on camera price tags and calculating how all of these people have to get paid by the end of the day. You realize quickly that you are mostly paying for the set-up and shoot, not the spots themselves.

Then, there is the Silent Agency. When you initially meet with them, they seem to have it all together. There is literally nothing they can’t do! (At least on paper.) After you shake hands and sign multiple pages of a contract, that’s it. You don’t hear from them until you reach out. No check-ins or updates on performance or really have no idea what you are paying them for.

These are just a few examples. I could go on and on. I’m sure by now you are curious to know what I told him was different about Agency901. It was an easy answer:

We firmly believe in the simplicity of production from start to finish. We have one, maybe two, efficient, talented people on our production shoots with simple equipment that works, and the final product looks incredible because we do things right. We have zero to low overhead as we refuse to focus on elaborate visuals, bells, and whistles of a typical agency. Simply put, we show you what we are made of. We are passionate about our services, our people, and our clients. Communication comes naturally between our clients and our agency. If we didn’t believe in what we can do with our resources, we wouldn’t even be having a conversation with potential clients about the experience and services our agency can provide, just like with the prospective “I don’t like agencies” client. In fact, we’re determined to leave these skeptical clients in shock that they even agreed to work with an agency - our agency.

If you want to know what Agency901 is all about or interested in learning more about our passion, let’s talk. You’d be amazed to learn that not all agencies are the same.