Doing Things Differently: Agency901's Digital Retainer

Here’s how it usually goes down… You hire an advertising agency and you agree on a budget. They tell you that it’s great and you’ll start seeing results before you know it. You do see some results… just not as much as you were expecting. You’re expecting that the results outweigh the cost of hiring the agency. With other agencies, that’s not always the case.

We do things differently.

This is woven into every aspect of our company philosophy, including how we treat our clients’ advertising budgets. Many agencies provide a la carte services, but that’s not how we roll. We’re saying goodbye to the nickel and dime by offering clients an extensive digital retainer, filled with all of the essential digital marketing services business owners need like social media marketing, search engine optimization, reputation management, content gathering, and a ton of other services. We are your all-in-one solution.

How does this work?

Say, for example, you have a monthly budget of $1,000. You’d figure almost all of that goes towards... you know, your ads. Except, other agencies almost always pocket around 30% of that for their own profits. In theory, that makes sense. They have to make money somehow, or they wouldn’t be able to pay for their employees. Since their employees are the ones creating the ads, it’s justifiable. Sixty percent is still left to go towards ads, right? Nope. They also outsource a good portion of the work, where they pay someone else to do the job you paid them to do in the first place. Another 30% of the budget used on what you thought the first cut was for. That leaves you with only 40% of your money actually being put into your media buying budget. Starting to sound like a little bit of a rip-off? We think so, too.

We’re shaking up the way ad agencies do business so that your ad budget actually goes towards ads. As it should. You give us your budget, and we’ll take out 25%. Period. No outsourcing, no upcharges for that extra ad revision. Just us do the job you paid us for and use every penny of your budget possible to get your brand in front of the eyes of your consumers.

Our digital retainer includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Brand Identity Guidelines (style guide, branding kit, etc)
  • Content Gathering (long-format video, professional photography, etc)
  • Social Media Scheduling, Monitoring, and Listening
  • Website Design and Maintenance
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Inbound Marketing (email marketing, database building, list segmentation, email workflows, etc)
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Strategy Planning and Execution
  • Monthly Reporting

We’re the perfect fit for business owners who want to take their digital marketing to a new level, but who don’t want to go through the hassle of hiring, managing, and paying the salaries associated with an in-house marketing department. However, we know we aren’t the right fit for everyone. It’s hard to say no to potential clients, but our top priority is to efficiently and effectively add value to our existing clients. At the end of the day, we know we aren’t for everyone, and that’s how we like it. Want to see how our agency is shaking up the advertising landscape in Memphis? Let’s have a chat.