Well-Built Marketing: Building Brands in the 901


In the heart of Memphis, there’s a steadily burning fire that won’t go out. You can walk down Beale any time of the day or night and feel that fire steadily burning. There’s always someone working towards something at the end of every street. Whether it’s a local rapper handing out demo CDs for a couple of dollars, street performers dazzling crowds for tips, or a local eatery filling its seats for cheap. They call it Grind City, partially because ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ was already taken, but mostly because: everyone here is on the grind.

It’s that spirit of hard work that drew us to Memphis. We always believed in blue-collar mentalities when approaching any kind of work, the concept of rolling up your sleeve and getting the job done by the sweat of our brow. So, obviously, Memphis felt like a really good fit for us. We wanted to come out here and prove our worth. More than that, we wanted to find like-minded people who saw the same opportunity. Smart individuals who are looking to build a brand from top to bottom in a city that not only appreciates the value of hard work but also lives and breathes it daily.

In this great article by Darius Foroux, he quotes one of his mentors:

“People will try to tell you that hard work is bad for you. And that you should work less. Don’t listen to them. Those people don’t enjoy their work, and they try to convince you of their fallacy.”

The people of 901 get this. What else is there, really? Do you even have an alternative? Not really, unless the alternative is just sitting around doing unimportant worthless things. But really, what kind of alternative is that?

We want to work with people who understand this. We want to give hard-working folks a brand that stands as tall as their work does. We thrive off of staying productive, so we feel that it’s appropriate that we work with people who think the same way.

So, what does that end result look like?

The end result is a beautiful and consistent style that sticks with people. A feature-packed website that is the perfect portal for your business. Most importantly, it’s a brand that represents you and your hard work.

If you’re in the Memphis area and are looking for a team of hard-working individuals to throw down for you and your business, Agency901 is the marketing team for you. 

Ready to work? Let’s hear it.